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JUNO’S ARK follows the adventures of a big-hearted dog called Juno. Juno lives in a big house on an island with her sisters, Jingles and Juniper, and their human family. When a strange, bedraggled chicken appears in Juno’s house one morning, the kind dog knows she won’t be able to rest until all the chickens are safe. But bedraggled chickens lead to mistreated cows and unhappy pigs … Can Juno and her motley crew of helpful friends bring these less fortunate animals to safety? And where on earth will she put them all?

Juno shows you how some farms don’t treat animals bred for food very well and at the end of the story finds out that scientists have discovered that there are different ways of producing meat to feed humans and dogs that doesn’t hurt any animal and… it’s certified as yummy!

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Learn about animal welfare and where your food comes from and how new technology is changing how we get protein.


Juno and her canine siblings are inspired by Jim’s rescue Podencos, a breed of Spanish hunting dog, historically loved for its playful, intelligent nature but too often abused and abandoned today. Some people don’t look after them nor train them properly, so they can be a little over excitable.

Juno is a rescued Podenco that lives on a beautiful island called Ibiza in Spain. She is the top dog among her canine siblings and loves exploring.. Juno and her sisters are well looked after, they love being at home snuggled on their comfy beds, they also like going for long walks with their humans around the island, sometimes they meet other dogs and love to play.  They have lots of toys and, of course, each other, the chickens and all the other animals!


It’s wonderful that this story will bring animal welfare into the world at such a young age.
Mary McCartney
Photographer & Author
A wonderful introduction for children to an animal cruelty free world – and Juno and her friends are adorable!
A sweet tale of saving animals and finding a better way of agriculture!